Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow.


Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow.

Talking to a friend this week, we remembered how many things we have been through in the past few years. How our lives took a completely different turn since we left school, and we are not where we thought we would be.

Thinking about the past brings good and bad memories, and reminds me of how everything has its time in our lives.

Lots of experiences, and people who seemed to be so relevant, suddenly became memories. Familiar places that don’t exist anymore, people I love who passed away.

Happiness, sorrows, wins, and disappointments, almost everything ended at some point.

But as people say, a period is not the end.

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Before You Die

Before You Die

Before you die

I am so used to live the present moment, that some times I forget to focus on what is critical instead of what is urgent. The day-to-day habit and challenges can quickly fill up my hours, and I overlook the right things to spend my energy on.

This week, I was talking to a friend of mine whose mom was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. This came as a surprise for her family who lives in Asia, and suddenly this girl who is based in the States, had to make a last-minute decision: stay here with her son and husband or fly back to her home country to be with her mom, not knowing when she can return.

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Hello God, It’s Me!

God Almighty

Hello God, It’s Me!

On my previous blog, “Do You Have The Power To Heal“, I mentioned a letter/prayer I wrote God while I was at a healing workshop in Orcas Island and how deep it touched my heart.

I decided to modify it a bit as if I was calling Him on the phone, and share it with you. My hope is to inspire you to talk to your higher self, or whatever superior, divine forces you believe in.

Yours truly,


“Positivity matters.” – unknown

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