Rule of Three


When I got up this morning, I began thinking about all the choices I make every day. Life fills our days with so many options that we forget to take chances and try new things.

Force of habit is a double-edged knife. While my instinct helps me think faster, potentially avoid previous mistakes, and optimize what needs to get done, it can also blindside me. Life has changed, and so have I.

The Door

During summer, I was on vacation with my beloved ones and family in Brazil.

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What Are Your Roots?

Tree with large roots

What Are Your Roots?

Life keeps molding me as time goes by. My personality and priorities have been different since my lupus diagnose.

While so many changes have happened, my core values remain the same. Deep inside, my childhood key learnings remain intact, even though I am not a young girl anymore.

As I face new challenges, I look for the tools inside me that have helped me overcome all the problems I have had in the past. I have fallen so many times that, hopefully, I am avoiding the same mistakes.

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My 5 Rules of Wellbeing


5 Rules of Wellbeing

This week, I was able to meet a few friends who helped put the Lupus Benefit Event together, here in Portland.

As I mentioned in my previous blog – Gratitude – this concert was an extraordinary time for me as a lupus patient.

It was the first time I dared to show my face to an unknown crowd, and talk openly about the challenges of living with lupus in front of almost 200 people. While I was nervous and anxious about the exposure, this experience was unique and taught me a few things that I believe are great tools to be reused in my future.

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