Do You Ever Feel Like Giving Up?

Lupus flare

We all have our dreams, and in my case, I have worked very hard to reach them, even though not always achieved.

Some days I feel I still have the will to move mountains, others it seems the hills in my path are way too steep and rocky.

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What Type of Mindset Do You Have?

Choices and Chronic Disease


Last week, I was talking to some book club friends, and one of them raised a thought that spoke deep in my heart.

He moved from another country just a couple of months ago, leaving his wife and cute puppy behind, as part of the long-term process of working visa and expatriation approval.

While he is working full-time and keeping himself busy, he shared how hard such a significant life change can be, and how he misses his former routine.

As he started to feel blue, he decided to take action to improve his quality of life, by taking better care of his physical and spiritual health besides looking for opportunities to build friendships.

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How Grateful Are You?


How Grateful Are You?

Last week, I had one of the most touching experiences since we moved to Portland. Many friends helped me organize a fantastic event to increase the awareness of #lupus and the #lupuswalk in Portland.

It all happened very fast. A quick conversation over a cup of coffee, and suddenly an army of warm hearts, stepped up to make a difference in thousands of lives they don’t even know.

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