Is This Real?

Harmony and reality

Is This Real?

For many of us, to believe something is real, we have to be able to touch or see it. Well, not for me anymore.

In my case, I can connect with the energy fields around me. I can feel if there is something positive or negative going on, even when I cannot explain it using my five senses.

This week, I had a couple of exciting experiences with energy healing and the unconscious side of my mind. As I keep searching for more tools to conquer inner peace and contentment during a flare, a dear friend of mine, invited me to try something different.

Kerry Cadambi ( )does various types of energy healing, and I didn’t know what to expect from the option she had in mind. She is my Reiki Master and has helped me a few times before I finally decided to take the next step and get my Reiki certification.

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Do You Walk the Talk?

walk to end lupus

Do You Walk the Talk?

Why is Walking a Great Way to Help Solve the Mystery of Lupus?

In a couple of weeks, I will join my first Lupus Walk event. Not that I had never heard about them, nor been invited to join one, I was just not ready to participate.

When I say, I was not ready to participate, I mean I could not face to myself and others my condition. For years, I pretended it was not happening, thinking if I just ignored and continued to live as everything would go back to normal.

Lupus brings a sense of embarrassment, impotence, which is a widespread feeling in lupies. But why? Why does this condition come with such self-prejudice and self-judgment over something we cannot control?

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10 Ways to Be Unstoppable

be an unstopabble lupus warrior

10 Ways to Be Unstoppable

Earlier this week, a friend of mine told me the history of a cancer survivor. While that young woman has been through a huge amount of emotional and physical challenges, she has been able to live her life with optimism, while inspiring others.

That made me think about why some people are just like that. Which qualities do they carry that can turn their odds around, and make things work?

I listed 10, but maybe there are many more. Nevertheless, how wonderful would be to follow this girl’s lead and carry every life hurdles like a champion?

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