Five Ways to Few Better

Are you ready?

Last week, a mega-fit friend who helps me be in shape and on my tiptoes, asked me a million-dollar question. What are the best exercises for people diagnosed with lupus?

I had heard my doctor’s opinions, but I had never researched that answer. After chatting with her, it sparked my curiosity, and I decided to share my learning findings with you all.

My doctor asked me to keep moving. If I was in a fatigue flare, I had to take a Celebrex and exercise. It didn’t matter how much, as even little could help the recovery journey.

So, I did. Some days 5 min, others when I was feeling great, I was able to work out for the whole hour.

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What Can You Let Go?

let go and lupus

Letting Go

I can’t believe we are in December. For Christians, it means we started the advent phase, which is counting down to Jesus’ birth. That also allows us to remember the real meaning of Christmas.

For me, these weeks have always been a time for reflection. It’s closing a cycle. The year ending, it is an excellent opportunity to recap what happened in my life for the past 12 months.

This was a year of letting go. A year in which I finally dared to move on from my old identity and endeavor a new phase of my life. A year I quit my long-lasting job and hit a pause of my professional career. A year I restructured my personal life routine, my expectations, adjusted my diet, and include more time at the gym.

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Wake-Up Call

Wake up call

Wake-Up Call

In my last blog, I mentioned how I have been out of pocket for a few days with all the cold/flu symptoms plus the usual flare discomfort.

Before publishing my blogs, I ask my husband for his feedback. His reaction last week was different from the previous ones. He mentioned how my tone was darker than usual, less optimistic, and not as uplifting.

That was a wake-up call for me.

How can I enter Thanksgiving week with heaviness in my heart? My words mirror what I feel inside. While there are a few things I wish could be different, there are so many everyday blessings around which I need to pay more attention to.

Happiness comes with kindness to ourselves and others, along with gratitude. Joy and happiness are inside me, and I am accountable for my joy.

While I cannot change all the facts in my life, I control how I experience them.

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