Self talk when having lupus

What we tell ourselves is as important as our actions. Everything is energy, and we craft our lives with the thoughts we have. Our opinions are the food to our soul.

My kindergarten teachers and my parents taught me to be generous to my friends, use the golden rule with everyone, and play nice in the sandbox. I am still trying my best to apply this practice in my daily routine consistently.

I know I am supposed to be kind to others, but am I being generous to myself?

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Have You Ever Thought About What You Say Yes To?

saying yes and no and life

When we think about something, embrace a specific emotion, or take action, consciously or not, we are making a choice. That means, when we say Yes to something, we are saying No to other options.

Today I was thinking about how many things I say Yes in my day, as I take better care of my health. The choices I have been making about food, exercise, sleep are directly aligned with my intent of feeling better in the long run.

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What Are Your Priorities?



I know not all of us lupies are female. Nevertheless, the majority is.

As a woman, I tend to take care of others despite how I am feeling. As a professional, I have been independent and decisive for years, which makes it hard to ask for help. This is not a helpful daily combination when I need to avoid flares.

We all know that our muscle and body pain, emotional struggles, medication side-effects, and drop-dead fatigue days are real, but unfortunately, these symptoms are all invisible to the human eyes. That’s why I believe we are the ones in charge of setting the boundaries, saying what’s enough for today and take a break to care for ourselves. People around me cannot read my mind, so it is my responsibility to step up and say it.

It’s easy to get burnout, and it is a dangerous route. We all have been there.

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