The Time Is Now

closed-door and end of the year of fighting lupus
closed-door and end of the year of fighting lupus

The Time Is Now

I can’t believe it’s over — another year of living with lupus, another life chapter with learnings and milestones.

Just one year ago, I decided to start this blog. It feels like a short journey, but we have been together for 52 weeks.

This past year this blog took me on a trip to the unknown, of self-discovery, finding my way back to healing, rising myself from my cocoon of shame to take care of my health, and build the strength to continue to move forward as I am.

Putting my face out, confronting my fears, insecurities, and sculpturing a brand-new identity has helped me overcome the emotional and physical pain I thought I could not bear.

This Is Us

People who live with the challenges of a complex disease get a lot of deep scars. The disregard and misunderstanding of our community, government authorities, employers, the health care system, can make us feel unworthy of attention. We need to change that.

This past year, on my Instagram and FB pages, I saw many of you rising from the ashes, checking out of hospitals, much stronger than you checked in. I saw beautiful smiles with red lipsticks, charming long eyelashes to help disguise the inner pain.

That’s who we are. We are fighters. We lose a battle but never give up the big fight. We stood up tall, brought our families together, looked for the better side, and fought for the cure. Each of you has inspired me differently and given me the sense that I am not alone.

I am very grateful to have you. Thank you.

I learned the power of my mind in my wellbeing, how meditation and positive thinking worked as an antidote to depression, insomnia, and body pain. How real friends are essential to help heal my wounds, and love is a small 4-letter word that makes miracles. Spirituality helped me put things under perspective and pulled me to the next chapter. Praying gave me special powers and strength to overcome what I thought was impossible.

We can win this battle, and together we will achieve our goals faster.

As we close in 2019, I wish you upcoming days of pleasant beginnings. That all your regrets may rest in peace as this year ends. That your joy for life grows as time passes, and you find your way to cure your soul and heal your body.


I believe 2020 holds something special. It is an opportunity to see things differently. Create the perfect vision of who we are, what we are capable of, and what is ahead of us.

For the upcoming year, I decided to create a 52-week program for myself, and I will share it with each one of you, every week. I believe if we do this together, we can be more successful by learning with each other.

I am going to call it 2020 Project: Eyes on Me. I will share more information next week, including templates and ideas on how to set achievable goals for a better us. Hopefully, that will inspire you to live a better life and start the new year with your hopes high and your hearts open.

Let’s remember that together we build a better tomorrow, no matter how hard yesterday was.

Happy 2020 – may you keep your eyes on you.

Yours truly,





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The Real Present

christmas gift and lupus

The Real Present

Everyone is busy. Decorating homes, planning a big meal, buying gifts, and getting new outfits for parties and pictures. Last Friday, my kids reminded me of what is really important to celebrate.

I had a special dinner planned for my family, my two boys, and my husband.

I got pulled into all the busy bee, Christmas to-do list, crazy schedule. My house was sparkly clean, the table was set with seasonal china, and a red table towel to match the spirit of the season. I had a special menu planned for us to celebrate Christmas before our end of the year family trip.

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Do Gems Have Healing Powers?

gemstone and healing lupus
gemstone and healing lupus

Gemstones and Healing

Regardless of the belief people may have about gemstones – magical, psychic energy, healing, or none; I decided to get a book about them.
My interest grew when a couple of weeks ago. During a Reiki session, I suddenly felt the urge to include a gemstone in my energy work.

Crystal Power

I have admired semi-precious stones but have not studied them. They are beautiful, attractive, and spark my curiosity. Nature is so powerful and creates incredible mineral sculptures in different shapes and forms.

My initial interest glittered when I began looking for alternative types of treatment for lupus. I wanted to investigate healing technics that could work in conjunction with the traditional treatment I follow at the hospital. I came with an open mind, and my initial options included energy work, biofeedback, diet, exercises, spiritual practice, aromatherapy, colors, and stones.

Gems have been used in ancient civilizations, going back to the Celts thousands of years ago. From kings to priests, we see their power and beauty combined with spirituality and nature.

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