Do Gems Have Healing Powers?

gemstone and healing lupus
gemstone and healing lupus

Gemstones and Healing

Regardless of the belief people may have about gemstones – magical, psychic energy, healing, or none; I decided to get a book about them.
My interest grew when a couple of weeks ago. During a Reiki session, I suddenly felt the urge to include a gemstone in my energy work.

Crystal Power

I have admired semi-precious stones but have not studied them. They are beautiful, attractive, and spark my curiosity. Nature is so powerful and creates incredible mineral sculptures in different shapes and forms.

My initial interest glittered when I began looking for alternative types of treatment for lupus. I wanted to investigate healing technics that could work in conjunction with the traditional treatment I follow at the hospital. I came with an open mind, and my initial options included energy work, biofeedback, diet, exercises, spiritual practice, aromatherapy, colors, and stones.

Gems have been used in ancient civilizations, going back to the Celts thousands of years ago. From kings to priests, we see their power and beauty combined with spirituality and nature.

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What Can You Let Go?

let go and lupus

Letting Go

I can’t believe we are in December. For Christians, it means we started the advent phase, which is counting down to Jesus’ birth. That also allows us to remember the real meaning of Christmas.

For me, these weeks have always been a time for reflection. It’s closing a cycle. The year ending, it is an excellent opportunity to recap what happened in my life for the past 12 months.

This was a year of letting go. A year in which I finally dared to move on from my old identity and endeavor a new phase of my life. A year I quit my long-lasting job and hit a pause of my professional career. A year I restructured my personal life routine, my expectations, adjusted my diet, and include more time at the gym.

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What Is Your Birthday Wish?


What is Your Birthday Wish?

I am a Scorpio. I know this sign comes with the stigma of being dominant, very sensitive, critical, and passionate. Above all, I see myself as an intense person.

I am never comfortable settling for an average result. When I aim something, I am all in to win.

That comes with an extra-weight of self-pressure, high expectations, and a need to control every tiny bit of the situation. I naturally focus on what can be improved instead of celebrating what has been done right.

Until lupus came uninvited.

About 6 years ago, near my birthday, I felt the weight of the word lupus for the first time. The bundle that it brings combines muscle and joint pain, the feeling of impotence, exhaustion, and above all, frustration.

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