What Is Your Birthday Wish?


What is Your Birthday Wish?

I am a Scorpio. I know this sign comes with the stigma of being dominant, very sensitive, critical, and passionate. Above all, I see myself as an intense person.

I am never comfortable settling for an average result. When I aim something, I am all in to win.

That comes with an extra-weight of self-pressure, high expectations, and a need to control every tiny bit of the situation. I naturally focus on what can be improved instead of celebrating what has been done right.

Until lupus came uninvited.

About 6 years ago, near my birthday, I felt the weight of the word lupus for the first time. The bundle that it brings combines muscle and joint pain, the feeling of impotence, exhaustion, and above all, frustration.

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5 Steps to Practice Self Awareness


5 Steps to Practice Self Awareness

Practicing Self Awareness is something I have been trying to do for the past year. Understand my new life goals and emotions better, has been critical to be more content in the present moment.

How I perceive something directly impacts my physical wellbeing. My thoughts can make my mind fly at 100 miles per hour, and trap me in non-sense beliefs that can trigger all sorts of pain. The sense of lack of control increases my stress level and makes me feel impotent.

I feel empowered and stronger when I choose my thoughts and emotions thoughtfully. Being self-aware means being able to take on what is right for me and discard what is not.

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