Celebrating Pride Month


Pride Month

This month, I have seen everywhere the colors of Pride, showing the importance of acceptance and respect for people’s differences, gender, and sexual choices.

I know that life gets so much more fulfilled when we apply compassion for others and understand their choices and experiences with no judgment.

As I started to think about Pride and what it means to me, I believe it should be present in everyone living with chronic diseases, as well.

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Why do we label it?


Why do we label it?

Have you ever thought why we tend to label things, as good or bad?

For me, it goes from organizing my office and home to situations, memories, and people.

While I was practicing the joy of living meditation, I realized a few interesting things.

First of all, how I was compartmentalizing positive and negative experiences, mostly when it involves living with lupus. Secondly, even though the pleasant experiences were far more significant in number, the painful ones had a stronger effect on me. Lastly, the importance of moving and adjusting the labels to live better.

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Mental health in chronic diseases

Our Mindset

“Our thoughts create the life we seek through the reflection of ourselves.” – Emmanuel

I had a few a-ha moments as I was listening to a podcast about mindfulness and the importance of it for professional athletes. We often hear about how the mind rules our lives. But what does that exactly mean?

In my own experience, on the same day, I can feel my best and worst, depending on what I choose to focus on and spend my energy.

My mind goes so fast that in a split of a second, it can vary dramatically, and change the direction of where I am focusing my energy on. As it turns, my emotions change, and consequently, my body reacts.

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