Why Should You Care?

why should you care

Do You Know Your Calling?

Earlier this week I was thinking about how I get tangled in my thoughts of must-haves and should-haves. My old professional career and my new identity do not get along when they meet face to face. 

During my last yoga practice, my teacher mentioned a book that talks about “Should” and “Must” in our lives during the meditation practice. The need to look for our true selves.

Both came together like a snap. 

We all bring large baggage of information since we were born. Values, beliefs, and information we received as children and continue to carry as ours during adulthood, without validating if that is still accurate. 

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Project 20|20 – Week 4: New Habit

2020 Pulse

Fitting in New Habits

Last week we discussed the importance of identifying habits that are not beneficial. We look at things we do daily, that we would be better off without.

Finding space in our lives is critical. We are all busy, and days fly by leaving behind the sensation we didn’t cross all the boxes because we didn’t have time or energy.

This week, we will think about what we want to include in our routine.

For many people, days are spent on things that have to be done but don’t give much pleasure. To-do lists that as adults we are responsible for. While this is part of growing up and adulthood, we can add some bonus points throughout the day.

Finding time to do things that give us pleasure is a way to maintain our mental health and balance our emotional state. I call it nurturing my soul.

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If Doesn’t Kill You …

lupus, cold and winter

White Winter

The winter season in the NW has been cold and wet. Lots of rain, with some white here in there. It is a reminder the temperatures have been below freezing during the day and night.

I have been trying to hide from sick people. I want to avoid another month-long adventure of cough, antibiotics, and sleepless nights. Still, I was not successful in my endeavor. My kids got the infamous bug, and so did I. Purel and Clorox was not enough.

While I keep reminding myself of the importance of protecting myself and my health, how can I not physically be by my children’s side when they need me? I can’t.

I get scared every time I get sick, as I never know when it’s going to end. It is a dangerous slope, and in a matter of days, I get sicker, and I will continue to be ill longer after everyone else heals.

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