Project 20|20 – Week 7: 3 Tips for a Better Day

2020 Pulse

Life Happens

We all have our ups and downs. Happiness is temporary, and we need to adjust our expectations day-by-day to what it is and can be.

Last week, I published a 30-day challenge to help to start something new that can bring to light a sense of fulfillment and joy.

Science has proven that when we ‘check’ a box in our to-do list, happiness hormones kick in, and we feel better. But what if we are having a bad day and can’t get anything started?

As per what I wrote in my last blog Are You Unstoppable?, sometimes we need to stop before hitting start. What I mean by that is by resetting ourselves when feeling overwhelmed, we can adjust our mindset and continue our journey in the right direction.

Our thoughts are energy, and life will turn into the direction we want it to. It all begins with our thoughts.

Instead of working on something for 30 consecutive days, if you feel you need an extra break for some TLC, this blog is for you. Some simple tools can be leveraged to reconnect to our inner selves, and are on arm reach no matter where we are.

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Are You Unstoppable?

lego and our habits

Are You Unstoppable?

I have been thinking about habits and how I model life in a way that brings me joy while keeping my health as a priority. As I said before, tiny daily changes, significant impact in the long run.

While ideas are always coming and going in my mind, there is just so much I can spend time on. With that, even though I would like to accomplish a lot despite lupus, only part of it gets done in the time frame I have.

Back in September 2019, I wrote a blog called Ten Ways to Be Unstoppable.

I was inspired by a cancer survivor that continues to smile to life in the midst of all the chaos. Her positive attitude, ability to be grateful, while embracing adversity has inspired thousands of people, including myself.

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Project 20|20 – Week 6: 30-Day Challenge

2020 Pulse

The first 30 days of 2020 are gone, and we are now in February!

Many times, we lose the momentum and the new year’s energy, as we get dragged into the daily routine. That’s why I want to use this week’s blog to imagine how we want to evolve in the next few months.

If you have not done yet, write down your goals for this year. Today. It’s never too late to build a better version of ourselves and expand our potential.

Start planning how you will reach your objectives by creating an action plan that describes what, by when, and how. You can use the templates I created in the previous blogs to help you structure your thoughts.

Some people say their intentions out loud in front of a mirror every morning. It seems to be an effective way to commit and remind themselves of what they want.

No matter what your approach is, start moving forward towards the direction you want. Find a buddy to support you, ask the help of a family member, use social media as an incentive. Find out what works best to motivate you.

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